Dear Jazz Enthusiast

My name is Michael Bowie, musical director for BAYO and the jazz camp.

We are determined not to be deterred from our mission to educate students in the language of jazz! In lieu of our physical campus, I will be giving one-on-one online lessons to our students over the same 2 week period of our camp (July 6th – 17th). If those dates are no longer available to you, we can find a mutual two-week period of time convenient for both, to have the lessons. This can be arranged upon sign up.

You must be willing to listen to, and copy jazz language with the same passion you had when learning the language you currently speak. That’s it! Also, you should have at least one year of guided instruction with a teacher on your listed instrument.

How this works:
Contact me at  for the student registration and a lesson time sign up. Fill those out and return them to me as soon as you can. This will reserve your lesson time for the two weeks. Students will sign up for 3 lessons per week (6 total) to be held within the weeks of July 6th – 17th (Monday – Friday), plus the group masterclass on July 13th, 12pm-1:30pm.

What We’ll Study:
My methods of teaching Jazz comes directly from what the jazz masters that I’ve performed with in my career, taught me. Artist such as Joe Henderson, Richie Cole, Side Hampton, Sarah Vaughn, and many others. This music has a rich aural tradition of story-telling through your instrument. We’ll listen to, and copy, short phrases of musical stories told on jazz recordings, then we’ll sing them first! After we can sing them a few times, we’ll find it on our instruments – always referring back to what we’ve sung as our reference.

  • What’s the Takeaway? Your student will understand the process of building their own foundational language in jazz. Infants learn to speak well before they learn the theory behind the language. Your student also can develop a wide jazz vocabulary, then as they dive deeper into music theory, it will serve as an analyzation tool to better understand what they are already performing.
  • Recommended song list (from Youtube or other streaming services). Students should learn as much of the melody by ear, and perform what they’ve learned at the first lesson from the list of songs below. You’ll choose from the category of songs based on your confidence level. Remember! We are here to learn, so I don’t expect any student to master this on your first attempt!

BEGINNERS: Now’s The Time (Charlie Parker), Blue Bossa (Joe Henderson).
INTERMEDIATES: So What (Miles Davis), Take The A-Train (Duke Ellington) *or any jazz songs you’ve been listening to.
ADVANCED: Any jazz songs you’ve been listening to.

What students should bring to each lesson:

  • A device (phone, iPad, computer) and ear buds to listen to repertoire
  • Pen/pencil and note pad for note taking.
  • Lots of questions!

This is the link to Amazon’s “Jazz Real Books Sixth Edition” that each student must have when the lessons begin: * There is the Real Vocal Book for low and high voices on Amazon as well.

Real Book buying guide per instrument:
C book: (no clef or alphabet written on from page) piano, guitar, drums
Bb book: Tenor sax, trumpet, clarinet,
Eb book: Alto sax, baritone sax
Bass Clef:  Bass, trombone
There is the Real Vocal Book for low and high voices on Amazon as well. Any edition will do. 

6 private lessons, and one *master class with multiple participants – $400.
You can pay using Paypal or Venmo.
*The masterclass only available on July 13th from 12pm – 1:30pm.

**If you would like additional lessons on your instrument (other than the Bass), I can recommend teachers from our past camps, who will be happy to arrange lessons with you.

Michael Bowie